6-Step to Be a Smart eGG

  1. Customers choose the pair(s) of eyewear they love
  2. Professional registered optometrist provides eye-examination service
  3. Our team will introduce various type of lenses to customers with professional advises. Customers could select the lenses they need
  4. There are different colors of eyewear case, customers can choose the one of their favorite color
  5. Customers will be given a token for getting a capsule egg from the capsule machine after payment 2 pieces of eyewear cloths are included in the capsule.
  6. Congratulations! You become a Smart eGG!

Professional Eye Examination Service

  • All eye examination service in eGG is operated by registered optometrist, who is experience and governed by laws and relevant regulations
  • Optometrist will have a concrete judgment on the customers’ eyes conditions through a detailed conversation with customers during the examination. He/she will then be able to provide suggestions on lenses which he/she believe is more suitable for the customers
  • The entire eye examination lasts about 5 – 15 minutes, depends on the vision conditions of each customer during the examination process.

Comprehensive After-Sale Service

  1. 60-days Refractive Guarantee Service: If there is a change in refractive power (confirmed by eGG’s optometrist after a 2nd time eye examination) that causes visual discomfort, lenses may be exchanged within 60 days from the date of the sales memo.
  2. Frame Adjustment Service: We adjust the frame for customers by observing attentively on the shape of their faces.
  3. Eyewear Cleaning Service: eGG offers free eyewear cleaning service for all eGG eyewear customers.
  4. Exchange of Eyewear Screw and Nose Pad: If there is a damaged screw or nose pad of your eGG eyewear, eGG is pleased to offer you a free exchange service.

Myopia Control Lenses

  • eGG provides Myopia Control Lenses prescription service, which is operating by the registered optometrists in-store.
  • We recommend the suitable Myopia Control Lenses to children by analyzing their daily habits, learning environment, and etc. We would also deliver eye care knowledge and provide regular follow-up consultations to monitor their myopia development.
  • Our service package includes two times of axial length measurements. Customers can make reservations at designated eGG stores or Professional Eyecare Centre operates by OPTICAL 88. Please visit any eGG stores for more information

We Accept Elderly Health Care Voucher

  • Optometrists (Part I) in eGG are registered as The Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme service provider, and are able to provide Elderly Healthcare Service to customers who’re aged 65 or above with valid HKID. Customers could make a reservation for the service, and settle the service fee by the Voucher
  • Elderly Healthcare Service covers the followings:
    • Case History
    • Refraction Check
    • Anterior Segment Examination of the Eye
    • Macular Degeneration Assessment (Amsler Grid)
    • Consultation and Recommendation
  • Optometrist would refer customer to Professional Eyecare Centre operates by OPTICAL 88, or ophthalmologist, if needed.